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Committed to excellence

Kashaneh Alborz Trading Company, with a history reaching back to the 1930s, is a reputable supplier and distributor of building sanitary materials in Alborz Province. With over 50 genuine domestic and worldwide manufacturers, the company provides its consumers with a broad choice of high-quality sanitary goods. Its advantages include a big exhibition space, after-sales services, affordable pricing, transportation and delivery services to all regions of the country, pre-purchase inspection of goods, installation and assembly services, and a commitment to quality and unique items. The business is focused on the wholesale distribution of pipes and fittings, ceramic tiles, sanitary ware, sanitary faucets, and kitchen equipment. Kashaneh Alborz Trading Company has over 90 years of experience and has established itself as a dependable and effective solution for customers in this industry.

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Committed to excellence

Kashaneh Alborz Trading Company has been the most complete supplier and distributor of construction sanitary items in Iran for over 50 years. As the distributor and sales representative for over 50 authentic domestic and worldwide manufacturers, the company provides its consumers with a diverse choice of high-quality items. Pipes and fittings, ceramic tiles, sanitary faucets, sanitary ware, sanitary ceramics, kitchen equipment, bathtubs and hot tubs, countertops, vanity units, and all types of sanitary accessories are among the products offered by Kashaneh Alborz trading group to meet the needs of its customers. Customers have access to everything they need for their building sanitary requirements thanks to the company’s commitment to providing the greatest quality products and the most variety.

Ms. Leila Eskandari

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About Executive Director

Ms. Leila Eskandari serves as the Executive Director leveraging her years of experience in the trade, commercial managing wholesalers, and other services. Ms. Leila Eskandari graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Tax Accounting from Azad University in September 2010. With over a decade of experience as a senior manager, she has a proven track record of achieving goals collaboratively with her team members. Currently, Ms. Eskandari is the Commercial Manager of Tejarat Kashaneh Alborz Company, where she leads and manages projects, taking full responsibility for financial management. Her duties also include identifying new business opportunities, creating bids, negotiating, and agreeing on contracts, and strategically expanding, preserving, or improving company procedures, standards, or policies. Before her current role, Ms. Eskandari worked as a Commercial Manager at Royaye Bahar Ara Company for six years, where she was responsible for the overall business development, sales, and management of the company.